What is Perciasacchi?

What is Perciasacchi?

Perciasacchi is a type of wheat originally from Sicily. Its name means "sack-hole" because of the pointed shape of its caryopsis, which pierced the jute sacks used to transport the grain. Some people mistake Perciasacchi for Kamut, a type of wheat from America, and call it "Sicilian Kamut". Although once grown all over Sicily, it is now only found in limited areas around Agrigento. This is thanks to the dedication of farmers who have worked to keep the production of this unique plant alive.

Where Does It Come From?

In this captivating video, we delve into the lush landscapes of Catalifimi, Sicily, where O Sole Mio sources the finest all-natural durum wheat for their exceptional pasta.

The Benefits of Perciasacchi


High Digestibility

High Protein

(12g per serving size)

Low Gluten Index

Low Glycemic Index